There’s life without technology

By Carolina Pérez
By Carolina Pérez

How many times have we left the cellphone, the computer, the tablet or any technological gadget more than five minutes? This is the big question of our days, perhaps less than five minutes. After having checked all the statuses on Facebook and after having seen the photo on Instagram of your cousin with her Starbucks, you leave the cell phone aside and one minute later you repeat the same steps.

I decided to confront the harsh reality. I put my cell phone aside; turned off my computer and try to know how was live without the technology. Let me tell you that I understood the meaning of the word addiction. At the moment of having separated from what has become over time an extension of myself; I began to need to take my phone and check Whatsapp, the task had turned into a survival test.

I realized how annoying is to talk with someone that is always texting while is speaking with you. I finally discovered the most common problem of the people. It is becoming difficult be within the world if you don’t have a smartphone or a tablet.

I have to accept that I am one of these annoying people. It’s a big problem to me leave the cellphone more than 20 minutes. Sometimes I already checked all my social networks and I always give one checked more if I miss something. There’s life without technology. This mysterious world that nobody dares to know is called the real life.

I could realize that sometimes the technology can modify the interpersonal relations, in my experiment I could notice that I was not taking the time to talk with my mom without having the cellphone close and listening attentively what she was saying.

I finished my experiment, which did not last more than one hour. However, I discovered that I want to be part of a world that often turns dangerous. Now if you want to know how living without technology let me tell you that it is not fun. Sad, but true.


7 thoughts on “There’s life without technology”

  1. I am confused. Your experiment of a day without technology last one hour?
    I think that talking with someone that is always with his/her cellphone is really annoying, and actually you wrote that too. But as you describe yourself as a technology addict, isn’t that contradictory with what you are writing?
    However, I really liked your blog. I found it kind of cool and interesting.


  2. Trying to talk with someone who is more concentrated on his/her phone, tablet or computer is frustrating because you are trying to “connect” with somebody who doesn´t even care having you just in front of him/her, so I think that if you are one of those annoying people you should try to do this exercise more often and maybe you will find different and new ways to pass the time and to interact with the people that is around you.


  3. It’s true. Living without technology/Internet connection is tough, but not impossible. It’s good that you realized that it’s stressful to talk to someone who’s on their cellphone as if it was an extension of their hand and just can’t let go. Sometimes a meaningful conversation with someone who is close to you is much more rewarding than just chatting by inbox/Whatsapp/Skype.

    I’ve been there, I know what addiction is! I’ve been trying to let loose from Facebook lots of times because I practically spend loads and loads of hours. I can spend up to 7 or 8 hours straight (and sometimes it’s just me scrolling down endlessly, not doing anything productive)


  4. I totally agree with you when you explained that is super annoying when you are actually trying to speak with someone and they are texting, I know this because I’ve done it and I’ve been the other person that is trying to get a real conversation. It also makes me wonder, what the hell is going to happen to those upcoming generations? Maybe like Julien mentioned in his post people will interact with other people through social platforms even if they are sitting face to face.

    I don’t consider this phenomenon as sad, I think it makes me feel upset that I cannot give or take a quality conversation without checking my notifications if I’m holding my phone.


  5. I totally dig on you wanting to be part of this “often dangerous” world. I mean… It’s sickening attractive and hell of addictive! Having the power of reaching any source and anyone with a single click or touch? I wonder how we’ve all managed not to go freaking nuts and conquering-the-world kind of crazy…

    I think this “real world” you mention lives hidden somewhere in our heads and it’s called conscience. It appears whenever we don’t want it to appear to chop-off the inspiration of the moment. Should we be using the cellphone that much or should we be gathering that much information? I certainly don’t know… Perhaps that is the world’s fate and we just don’t know it yet… Nevertheless, there is an expression my father uses whenever something goes wrong because of an excess of anything: “Level-headedness, kid. It’s all just about level-headedness.”

    The call still falls upon us.


  6. Really interesting that your experiment last really quickly, but however the important thing is that realize that technology is taking control of your life, creating an addiction and making you a person who only looks at her cellphone and avoids any real communication like with your mom, besides your experiment only lasted one hour I think you have a great experience that tells you that social networks are taking control of your an peers life and yes is not really fun living without technology but we have to understand that te real world is more important than the virtual one.


  7. i agree with you in the part that the use of internet is essential, in these days, for different reasons but i consider that we have to pass more time with our family.


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